Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but not only the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ella takes us far beyond—to the aged lands of Ireland and Scotland. The story begins in 1968, a difficult time in our more recent history—a time of change, unrest, and a long, long war!

Ella contains many interesting events as Feagans humanizes history for us once again, but it is more than that. Christina Connelly, the protagonist, takes you on her journey of life, one that almost proves to be her undoing, while Maura Fitzpatrick, the second main character, brings to life the plight of the Irish Emigrant. Auntie Maura entered Ellis Island at the tender age of fifteen and ultimately found her way down to the beautiful Appalachians.

The story reaches deep into our inner thoughts and questions of life and death and what awaits us on the other side. It will keep you turning the pages with its unforgettable characters and hidden secrets!


“Just finished ELLA and boy was I ever so thrilled in reading this story. You had me thinking about whether those who have gone before us can see what is going on down here on Earth. I like to think they do…thank you from the bottom of my heart for another beautiful story relating to our Virginia roots.”

– Brenda Branchett, Deltona, FL