“You will see when reading the enclosed obituary that his (Carl Barker’s) favorite hobby was reading books and especially your books. In his collection he had two of your hard backs and several of your paperbacks. I believe you were his favorite author. He read and reread and reread your books.”
-Mrs. Carl Barker, High Point, NC

“I have truly enjoyed reading Carolyn Tyree Feagans’ books. I enjoy reading about people and their lives – troubles and triumphs – and her talent has made me feel like I know these characters and their experiences.”
– Chris, Portsmouth, VA

“All of Carolyn Tyree Feagans’ books are just wonderful! They are so easy to read and to relate to. Once you start reading one, you just don’t want to put it down. After reading the first one, I ordered all the others.”
– Deborah, Graham, NC

The Road is another Masterpiece! A beautiful way of expressing God’s love to everyone!” “Thank you for writing “Through My Window” …I got my copy out just before Easter and started reading it again. It renewed my faith and helped me to center on the beauty on this Earth and what our Savior did for us on the Cross. Your book is such a powerful book!
-Deborah, North Hartland, VT

The Road has been an answer to prayer. As I slowly go through it, the blessings keep coming.”
– Myrlea, St. Petersburg, FL

“The photos in The Road are beautiful and the devotionals are comforting and uplifting.”
– Joanie, Bonita, CA

“Such wonderful stories that we will read and re-read…heart-warming stories that we feel we are there with them.”
 – Sandy, N. Wilkesboro, NC

“There is a timeless quality to Through My Window. The Scriptural references are eternal, and Feagans’ musings on the changing seasons could have come from Henry David Thoreau. You might say she has moved from the Waltons to Walden.” 
– Darrell Laurant, The Lynchburg News, Va

The Dogwoods are Blooming:  “A fine story of a normal, rural family. It’s a book every young family should have and read.” 
-Jimmy Bryan, the late Mayor of Lynchburg, VA

Spring’s Return:  The author weaves a tapestry of threads gleaned from early days of living in downtown Lynchburg, while maximizing current events over twenty-five years and the awakening of Native American pride in Amherst County’s own Monacan Indians.” 
-Meg Hibbert, former Assistant Editor, Amherst New Era Progress.

In the Shadow of the Blue Ridge: “The author has folded the Monacan’s twentieth century story into dialogue, so now our children can appreciate the human side. To understand…Shadow…is to understand the drama of social change right in our midst. Now we can grab it and hold on to it.”
The late Dr. Peter Houck, Virginia Historian

“Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed “In the Shadow of the Blue Ridge“…We stayed at the Peaks of Otter and visited Bedford.  We visited the Visitor’s Center and they had all of your books and recommended them.  Thank you. I really enjoyed your book.    
-Roselyn, Sebring, OH

“I absolutely love your books on the Blue Ridge Mountains. I just finished Sharp Top  & thoroughly enjoyed it. My Dad participated in D-Day invasion. Thanks for these books.      
-Cheryl, Buckhannon, WV

“I can’t begin to explain how enchanted I am by your story, Sharp Top, your characters, your descriptions, and your writing style. I find the characters are still with me weeks later. I passed the book to my husband, who doesn’t usually like novels. He was up all night into this morning reading to the end.”        
-Lois, Brick, NJ

“I just finished There is a Season and had to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed it and learned from it. What a story! Truth is better than fiction. When reading, I generally find myself skipping, but your books — I read every word.”            
-Greta, Troutville, VA

“EXCELLENT !!!  I just finished reading A Bittersweet Story, and it was absolutely the BEST. We have traveled the Skyline Drive (VA) many times and love the mountains and Big Meadows.      
-Patricia, Mechanicsville, VA

“Just finished Ella and boy was I ever so thrilled in reading this story. You had me thinking about whether those who have gone before us can see what is going on down here on Earth. I like to think they do…thank you from the bottom of my heart for another beautiful story.”
-Brenda, Deltona, FL

“I enjoyed your new book so much (Bottle of Tears). I think it is one of your best.”      
-Betty, Idaho Falls, Idaho,

“Thank you so much for your new book (Bottle of Tears). I couldn’t put it down and loved it as I have loved all your books—I can’t wait for the next one!”      
-Bonnie, Willis, VA

“I recently finished your newest book “Bottle of Tears“. It was excellent!!  I have all of your novels and have enjoyed them, but I think this one was your best!  Again, thank you for your great novels.”            
-Rosemarie, Hamilton, NJ

“I live in Phoenix, Arizona and just took a motorcycle trip cross country and did The Blue Ridge Parkway. I picked up your book Ella, and enjoyed it very much.”
-Bob, Phoenix, AZ